Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Austin, my happy baby, I love how God uses you to teach me about His character.

He is being merciful to me by giving me a third child who has a very pleasant disposition --You are almost always happy. This week you are getting your 3rd and 4th teeth in. On top of that your nose is stuffy. It's obvious you are not feeling great.

You know how you've responded to me this week? Every time you see me your eyes get real big and you motion with your body that you want to be picked up and held. You want to snuggle close and bury your head into my shoulder. Any time I need to put you down to do something you strongly object!

When you are sick you just want to be held. You want comfort. You know that your momma is going to hug you, rub you, and help you feel better. You want to rest in my arms.

What if big people reacted the same way to our Heavenly Daddy when we are sick --spiritually sick.

When we mess up, what if we looked to our Daddy, held up our arms and said help me. What would the result be if we called to him, tears running down our cheeks, accepting no substitute?

I think I know what it would be.

I think our daddy would reach down with his strong arms, pick us up and cradle us in his chest. I think He would sit down in a rocking chair, kiss our cheek, wipe our tears and tell us that He's got us. It wouldn't matter what we'd done.

Austin, I think about how I react to you when you call me. Often my response is: "I'm sorry sweet boy. I'll come get you in a minute."

God never tells us, "In a minute."

Austin, sometimes I tell you, "I can't hold you right now. I've got to do something else."

God will never refuse you. He's never too busy.

Sometimes I don't know how to help you.

God always knows.

Sometimes I can't help you.

God always can.

Sometimes I'm not with you.

God always is.

Austin I think about how I want to able to meet every need you have, to have every answer, to fix every problem.

But I can't.

And yet you still reach out to me.

What a wonderful thing it is, that I (limited and sometimes powerless to help) am not your only hope. There is someone who loves you infinitely more than I do who is able and who will help you at every turn.

Austin, my prayer is that you will come to know all about the God who created you, that you would become His child and He, your Daddy. As much as you call to me when you need me, you would call to God so much more, He is there, ready and able, to meet all your needs and hold you tightly in His arms.

Praise be to the God of all comfort, He is so good to us.


God's Gal Sarah said...

best news ever to read tonight.

Thank you, Becca.

Hillary Hipps said...

Sometimes I totally forget the simplicities of how God loves us and I get just so caught up in the complexities of theology all the time. It is amazing what small child can teach. ♥