Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween 2010

It was good to see all the super heros out this year.

With all the ghosts and ninjas that showed up this year, it was nice to see the good guys.

My boys decided to be:

Spider Man


and... piglet.

Ok, so maybe he didn't have much choice in the matter. But why not? I mean, Piglet is OBVIOUSLY a male character, it's breast cancer awareness month, and I happened to find a great deal on this costume last November at a garage sale. --NEVER BEEN WORN and I got it for $3. Boo-yah!

Batman chillin' with Piglet

Mike decided to go as a superdaddy.
"Just another day in the life of... Superdad!"

"Please kids, just one group shot."

"That one wasn't good enough, nobody smiled --except Ty. We're doing another one."

and me? I obviously went as a princess.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe Mike let Austin out of the house in a pink costume! I am still laughing.

Cute pictures. Tell Jack and Ty they make great super heroes and tell Austin I am sorry...tell him you will make it up to him next year!

Still laughing...

Anonymous said...
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Stan Boshart said...

HAHA! I ready Emily's comment last night right before I got in bed. Then I was trying to go to sleep and started thinking about it and literally started laughing out loud to myself while laying there.

I feel bad that everyone is giving you such a hard time about dressing your poor innocent son up as piglet Becca, but you had to see it coming...

beccaellis said...

He's a baby. It's not like I dressed my 15-year-old up like a male, pink, storybook character. Come on people.

Anonymous said...

I think Austin looks ADORABLE as piglet! And yes piglet is male. The boys look great in costume & Jack is very hansome in black.