Wednesday, March 23, 2011

29? No, actually...

At the Ellis house we are forever talking about growing up. I hear the phrase "When I'm a man" about as often as I hear, "When are we going to eat?" Ty thinks he will be a man when he turns ten. I tell him he won't be a man until he's over 20 AND no longer living at home.

Today Jack and Ty were talking about their next birthdays and Jack flippantly said that his birthday would be June _. I told him, "Hey that's my birthday!" "That's your birthday?" He replied. "Yes!" I exclaim.

Jack says, "Wow, then you will be...."

"...a man!" Ty finished for him.

hmm... slightly insulting (as always.)

Jack, knowing that was incorrect, kept thinking and finishes his sentence with, "... a really BIG lady."

I've got a lot to look forward to this year, the prediction is I'll either turn into a man or a really big lady.


Alexa said...

hahhaha...i love your posts.

Regina said...