Sunday, March 13, 2011


I am on a deployment.

I couldn't take it any longer.

I missed my man.

So I bought a plane ticket and arrived at an "undisclosed location" where I was greeted at the airport by a long-haired, tan, muscley man.

Or, Mike, as I generally refer to him.

So here we are, together, alone (except for our new friend who is pictured below), on an island.

How often does this happen?

Rarely. Don't get jealous.

But we are very grateful for the opportunity to spend some time together. This is such a rare treat. Regardless of where we are, home or on a beach, quality time with one another is so hard to make happen. This time makes me remember the days before the air force and makes me look forward with excited anticipation for the days when we will once again be able to live life at the same pace, have inside jokes, enjoy the same activities and do nothing together.

One day that will come. But for now (a few short days), on these beaches, we're going to live


goodbye little friend!


Stan Boshart said...

Thanks for posting! But...I am anxious to see some pictures of you and Mike. Had a great time hanging out with your boys last weekend, they all behaved very well.


Rebecca T said...

that is the roughest deployment I've EVER seen! (and I've seen A LOT) never anywhere I've wanted to go. Looks amazing! I'm grateful you go to do that. I'm hoping for an Alaskan cruise sometime in the next couple of years. We've only been on one vacation w/o the kids. EVER. I am going to MN for a week w/o kids or husband soon. I must say sometimes I feel a little guilty how excited I am. :)