Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Jeremiah 17:9

"Stupid underwear" is the boys favorite thing to say.


They aren't allowed to.

It's tough being a kid when moms pick out perfectly acceptable words and make it into a criminal offense to utter them.

Yeah, life's rough.

But like I tell Jack, "One day you'll be the boss and you can make the rules." For now, stupid underwear will get your mouth washed out or your TV privileges taken away.

So "Stupid Underwear," where did it come from? Mema figured it out while she was here watching the boys (during my va-ca). It came from Polar Express. The bratty kid says something about how he didn't want to get any stupid underwear for Christmas.

Ahhh! I had no idea where he came up with the combination. Now I get it.

Jack tries all kinds of ways to slip the words into a conversation. But every now and then it slips out on its own --on accident. Tonight was not one of those times.

I'm putting Austin to bed. The big boys are getting their PJs on. I hear Jack tell Ty:

"God made everything. He made the trees and the bed and the moon...." He goes on for a little while and ends with:

"...He even made the underwear."

I'm pretty sure his entire bedtime devotional was delivered just so he could get one more "underwear" in before bed.

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Them Howells said...

Sean has latched onto "poo-poo head". Thanks to "A Bug's Life". The movie is now banned in our household. So is the phrase.