Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Little Boys: The Organic Insecticide

We think they are bagworms. Except that I haven't seen any bags in the trees and they look like caterpillars.

Whatever they are, they are fun. Ty almost always has one crawling around on his hand. He'll play with it for a while then when it stops moving, he finds another.

He's really rough with critters. You should have seen him the other day with the toad he found. I think... it survived.

Austin has caught on to Ty's love for the worms and has now been picking them up and carrying them around like his older brother does --except tighter.

This is his little hand:

I came home from an errand today and Ty and Austin ran over to show me their little pets. Ty, in his cute little boy voice says of Austin's caterpillar:

"Part of it's face broke off, but it can still crawl."

I love that kid, always the optimist.

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Anonymous said...

Rebecca! Keep up the good work, you make me laugh everytime I read these! Especially since I lived with yall, makes everything even better. Love you.