Thursday, May 3, 2012

Fun things to do in Arkansas

We reside in Arkansas now because of our sense of duty to our country.  Mike swore to uphold, defend and protect... blah blah blah...  our nation, so we move where they tell us.  Therefore we are no longer in the great state of Texas.  We miss it, but frankly, being court marshalled just isn't as cool as it was in the 60s.

We are loving the people we have met here.  They are all really nice, except for that magazine editor who calls Texans "braggarts."  What's her problem?? 

And we've found a couple really cool things to do here in Little Rock.  There might not be one for every county, but there are several in the greater Little Rock area. 

Here's one for example:

A splash park.  Down by the river.  Park on the other side.  Pay a couple bucks, ride a trolley across.  Play in the water.  No one runs off.  No one's face goes under water.  Everyone's safe and the spray keeps the mamas and daddies cool.

See Texas friends?  It may not be the Fort Worth Stock Show, or New Braunfels, or the Rattlesnake roundup, but there are some reasons to come to Arkansas --and while you are here.  You better come see us!

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To God be the glory... said...

There should be one of these in Abilene soon. It is in the works. May not be as pretty though, but maybe you will come back and see it sometime.

I took my nephews to one in the Dallas area and they had a blast.