Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A two-year-old's life is a wonderful life

Step one.

  As soon as mom steps out of the kitchen head to the pantry.  Grab a box of kix cereal or some other puffed cereal.  Pour a generous amount of cereal onto the floor. 

Step two.

  Find your favorite toy hammer.  Most any will work. 

Step three.

   With one swift blow, strike a piece of cereal.  When done correctly it should change form immediately leaving only a fine powder behind.  Awesomeness.

Step four.
   Repeat step three.

Step five.

   When you get hungry instead of hammering the cereal, pick up a piece and pop the tasty puff into your mouth.   Deliciousness.

Step six.

   Continue steps three through five until all puffs are either eaten or smashed.  When there is nothing left but slightly sticky dust all over the floor, drop hammer and walk away.

Step seven.

  Look for something else to do, preferably away from the kitchen as it will no longer be a pleasant environment when Mom returns.  Favorite follow up activities: dropping small expensive things into the toilet or coloring in books, or picking up any other tool that has been carelessly left out by the contractors and sticking it in the nearest electrical outlet.

See illustrations below.

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