Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Apparently he can do math

Me:  "Ty.  I'm going to ask you a question." 

Ty:  "Ok."

Me:  "If I have four boys and then I get two more, how many do I have?"

Ty: "Six."

Me:  "Wow.  Good job!  Who taught you that?"

Ty: "Nobody, I just knowed it."

Me:  "Ok, how about this one:  I have six kids but then two go to the store.  How many are left?"

Ty: "Four."

Me:  "Great!  Now I'm going to give you a harder one.  Let's see if you can get this one.   There are ten rolls.  Daddy eats two and Ty eats two.  How many are left?"

Ty:  "six."

Me:  "Amazing!  Now here's a really hard one there's no way you'll get it:  There are twelve grandchildren.   Two leave and go play baseball.  Two leave and go get suckers.  Where is Ty?"

Without missing a beat Ty answers,  "Getting a sucker."

He's so smart.

I asked him one last question to further test his knowledge:  "Ty there were ten boys.  One went to the mailbox.  Two went to the pumpkin patch.  Three went to the swing set and four were watching TV.  How many were at the pumpkin patch?"

Ty: Two.

This from the boy who talks nonstop.  We've always assumed he hasn't heard a word we've said.

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