Friday, September 28, 2012

For mom.

Another definition by Jack

Feast:  Means I ate more than I normally eat.

Just when I think I've got Ty's love language figured out we have a conversation like this:

Ty:  I know why Brady loves you so much.  It's because you say so many nice things about him.

(Exactly.  Just what I thought.  Ty's a "Words of affirmation" guy.)

But I wanted to see what his response would be when I proposed that Brady loved me because of the physical touch I give him.

Me:  Maybe Brady loves me because I kiss him lots.

Ty:   No he likes you because you give him milk  (hmm.. acts of service? receiving gifts?)  and because he gets to hang out with you when you feed him (No question, that is "Quality time".)

So... who knows.

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