Monday, December 31, 2012

The world before them!


Absolutely stunning.

There is no other way to describe the way she looked.

From the top of her head to the tips of her toes every inch of her was perfect.  Every hair carefully and deliberately placed, the makeup (not that she needed any) accentuated her already beautiful features.

Everywhere she went, her smile lit up the room as if the sun had just come out from behind the clouds.

Her dress, perfectly flawless, fit like a glove.

The moment she appeared in the doorway of the sanctuary every eye was upon her.

So beautiful...


...but enough about me.

If you thought I looked good, you should have seen the bride!

She was my sister.

(She still is.)  But now she's a married woman standing on the threshold of life.

The last twenty years have been spent in preparation for this day: The presentation of the bride.  

As a baby rocking her to sleep, comforting her when she cried, spoon feeding, wiping, hugging, talking to, smiling at, reading to, playing with...  As she got older, there was the homework help, shoe shopping, the play dates, the making lunches and the curfews. 

The smiles and the "No's" both had their place.   It was all to prepare Chrissy for this life now before her.  God only knows what her life will hold.  All we know for sure is that she is to be the helper and biggest fan of Joseph Killgore. 

Weddings make me remember. 

I remember back to mine, 10 years ago.  My groom was still wet behind the ears.  Me?  Two weeks prior I'd been a teenager!  But we loved each other and had a source of income so nothing could stop us. 

And it hasn't.

Now, ten years into the gig, I look down and see four little men eyes wide with wonder looking for the next adventure.  This is my life.  Who had any idea it would look like this?

Chrissy, who knows what your life will look like.  So many possibilities!  So many roads in front of you.  Choices galore!  I remember being newly married and thinking how mind blowing it was that Mike and I could do anything we wanted.  Anything.  We could get in the car and drive to California if we wanted to.  We could go to the mall and play arcade games (yes, that was an age appropriate activity).  We could lie on the couch while dishes piled up around us if we wanted to.

So many choices not yet made.

Don't get overwhelmed thinking about them.

You've already made the biggest one.

And now that you've made that one, you have beside you another voice.  You've got another perspective.  Double the wisdom --that means half the risk right?  Together you two will think through, pray over discuss any decision that seems bigger than you.  You will give council and advice to Joe.  Joe will need it.  He's going to make the call.

I have no doubt that Joe is going to love you and take care of you, that he will do his best to lead your family and will eat most all of your cooking (just take my advice and don't sneak onions into his  bean burrito).

We only get to choose one family member in life, the rest are handed to us without even so much as a: "You think you can make this work?"   We can't chose our grandparents, our parents, siblings, or children.    We only choose our spouse.

I think you made a good choice.

And Joe?

You made a FABULOUS choice.

P.S.  The next major choice you two are going to need to make is when to come visit us.  I'll let you get home from your honeymoon before we compare schedules... unless you are bored over there and want to give me a call. 

I'll be waiting.

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