Sunday, April 1, 2012

Arkansas Life

I was tickled when I check the mail one day and found two magazines about Arkansas: "Arkansas Life" and "Arkansas Living." Wow. What creative names... nevertheless, I thought it would be nice to read to see what cool things were happening in our new home. "Arkansas Life" has this big headline on their cover:

75 Things to Love About Arkansas

I thought, "Awesome. I can't wait to read this article about all the cool things to do here." Apparently there are 75 counties in Arkansas and they picked something to love from every county. I turn a few pages in and read the Editor's Letter. She writes: "I know I'm not supposed to play favorites, but I'm just going to come right out and say it: This issue is fantastic. Quite possibly my favorite ever."

Now I can't wait to read it! I mean, I'm expecting fireworks and funnel cakes here. Big exciting happenings. I mean, I'm from Texas and in Texas if someone says, "Hey this is awesome." Then it is. It is awesome.

I turn to page 24 and begin reading the article:

Excuse me?

Did they just put that in print? Braggart neighbors? That's not very nice. Don't they know that some of us Texans might just subscribe to this magazine? Even if we don't, (Because we already get "Texas Monthly" and who needs anything else) should they say that? How rude.

Honestly. I was shocked. I stopped reading and just sat there. Are we really like that? I mean, yeah, to some extent we are, but is this reputation so well known that you can put things like this in print and no one bats an eye?


I have decided to write a letter to the editor telling her that we Texans do not appreciate an inferior state making such statements about us. That we are not braggarts, we are just honest hard working people who don't go around publishing ugly things about Arkansans or Nevadans or any of those other people.

And I might also tell her that I can hardly wait to visit "Arkansas Life's" choice as the top attraction in Lonoke county: Marlsgate and the former Dortch plantation.

Awesome. Not!

Really folks, is bragging really bragging if it's true?


Anonymous said...

I got that a lot the 7 years I lives in Arkansas. Bragging about our state and driving fast are What they associate with Texans. Even my husband. Who after 6 years still just says he lives in Texas not that he is a Texan. Of course that's what I said in Arkansas too but thats entirely different.

Anissa said...

First of all, marlsgate looks pretty impressive to me. But, from my current vantage point, anything with flowing water and trees is impressive.

Second, I have to agree with Arkansas. Texans are braggers. Sorry.

I didn't like Texans before I moved to Texas. The ones I had met had a boastful pride that was very offensive.

But I like you :)