Thursday, April 26, 2012

The nasty quiz results

Oh yes, about the tick....

It was Brady!  It was so gross.  A tick on my baby.  It made me shiver.

Only a few people got it right.   Way to go Sarah, good test taking skills.  I'll bet you aced the SAT.  Glenna, he hasn't touched the ground!  Not on a blanket or anything.  He did sit outside in the stroller while I dug in the flower bed the day before.  Maybe that was it. 

We will be applying sulfur to the yard very very soon.  That should help with ticks, chiggers AND snakes!  (Dad did you know about the snakes?)  At least that's what the guy at Wood's Feed Store told me.  I believe them.  I don't think they'd lie.  Any store who sells deer skin leather work gloves in size 3 (yes, think three-year-old) obviously believes in hard work taught at an early age.  They believe in values.  I'll bet they don't lie either.

And yes, Jack and Ty feel pretty manly working in their new gloves.

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