Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Jack quotes

Jack is a thinker. I love hearing the things that come out of his mouth. For the last week at dinner, the conversation has not been dominated by Ty, our little talker, but by Jack. He says, "Dad, which state is larger: Kentucky or Louisiana?" or "Dad, how did Russia get all that land?" or "Which state is in the middle of the country?"

He loves learning. Loves it. He asks so many questions. So many. I can't wait till he learns to read so he can research the answers to his questions himself. :-) I enjoy hearing his questions, It's so special to get a glimpse of what his little mind is trying to learn and understand. This boy is going to do big things with life. I hope he never loses his love for knowledge.

Here are some of the things he has asked me or observations he has made:
"Prolly the people who used to think the world was flat didn't live near any hills."

"Mom, Is America bigger than Iceland? People from Norway discovered Iceland right?"

"Mom! I found Abilene!!! (Looking at my iPhone map). Abilene is in between a city and town [bigger than a town, smaller than a city]. If the new baby was an Abilenian then maybe it would get closer to being a city. Cause they'd count him and then there would be one more and they'd have to change the sign."

"An island is a country that is all alone."
Caroline: "Do you trust me?"
Jack: "Yeah, but...."

"If Alaska were it's own country would it have more land than India?"

"Are the north pole and south pole countries?"

"Mom, how many seconds are in 25 hours?"

Jack was really wanting to wake Austin up from his nap.
Me: "Can you just not stand to live life without him?"
Jack: "Yeah..."

"Mom, the milky way is like a big smoothie that is blue that has never been drunk."

This conversation Ty and Jack had really cracked me up:
Ty: "When I'm a man I hope I can play tennis."

Jack: "It's prolly a girl's game."

Ty: "No, it's not."

Jack: "Well... it should be."

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