Thursday, May 9, 2013

Mother's Day present

Yesterday a package came.  It was addressed to me. So, well, I opened it.

Isn't that what everyone does when a package arrives with their name on it?

The return address showed the package came from Texas, so I knew it was going to be something special and wonderful and better than anything from any other state --ever.  I couldn't wait to see what it was as I didn't remember ordering anything recently.  Also, Hannah's name was on the package, giving away the fact that she'd ordered it.  She buys quality folks --this was (yet another) good sign.

I opened the package to find a small box from James Avery.  (Everyone gasp)  I don't have grown daughters and I no longer wear a charm bracelet so it's a rare day when a package from James Avery arrives.  At that moment it didn't occur to me that Mother's Day was just around the corner.  In fact, I hadn't thought of it in probably 3 weeks.  The last time was when I was at the hardware store buying things for this awesome homemade gift I was going to make and give my mom.  It isn't finished yet.  I've failed my mother yet again.  (head hanging).

Back to the happy part of this story.  Let's see... oh yes.  Me and a small package...  I open the box, pick up the small cloth bag and let a beautiful chain fall into my palm.

I smile.

Mother day at our house is... and I'm trying to find a way to say this that doesn't look bad on Mike... well, it's rarely a big deal.  In his defense, Father's Day has never been as much of an event as Mike (world's greatest dad) deserves.  A couple of times I had really high expectations (think Hallmark commercial) that couldn't be met.  Those were bad days.  I decided that never again was I going to expect breakfast in bed at 9:00, fresh flowers, homemade cards, an immaculate house, bubble baths, quiche and a romantic comedy to finish off the day of lounging around.  After I changed my "it's all about me" attitude life was waaaaaay better.

One year I bought myself the movie "Enchanted" for Mother's Day.  One year I bought myself some plants.  I can't remember last year.  This year I had decided I was finally going to get a long chain from which to wear two beautiful pieces of jewelry I had gotten years ago --but never worn due to not having a long chain.

I tried three times this spring to make it down to Little Rock to the James Avery store where I was going to buy myself this gift (my children would want me to have it).  It never worked out, there was always more immediate needs that had to be taken care of during my babysitting hours.

I'd casually mentioned to my kids and Mike that my mother's day present was going to be a chain.  But really, was it going to happen?  Probably not.

The chain in my hand was beautiful.  I tried it on.  The perfect length.  I went upstairs to where the kids were and asked them:  "Am I supposed to be getting a present in the mail?"  Their eyes brightened but their lips stayed shut.  Finally Jack says with a smile, "Yes, but that's all I'm going to say about that."  "What's in it?" I pester.  This time Ty spoke, "We can't tell you anything about it."  Well this is a first.  Why did they have to pick this time to finally keep a secret a secret?  I tell them I can't wait till I find out what's in it.  I hadn't yet decided if I was going to let on that I knew what was in the little box.

Today, while walking into Target, Ty asks me what we are going to buy.  I didn't want to tell him I was looking for undergarments, so I answered his question with a question.  "Are you going to buy me a mother's day present here?" 

He laughs, "No Mom, I already got you one!  Can you guess what I got you?"

"Hmm... a new broom?"


"Let's see... some flowers for the garden?"


"New tires?"

"No!" he answers, laughing. "I'll give you two more guesses"

"umm... new shoes?"

"No, one more guess."

"Windshield wipers?"

"Ok.  One more guess.  And it's something beautiful."

"A ring!"

"Nope.  (pause)  One more guess."


"Oooo!  Very close!  One more guess."

This was the part when Austin says, "A necklace!"

"Austin!!!  You're not supposed to tell her!"  (the irony)  "It's a necklace..."  He pauses a second then continues, "...can you forget about it now?"

I laugh.

"Well fine, it's a chain for your necklace."  He blurts out.  If it's out, it's out.  He might as well be accurate.

Needless to say, it's still several days away, but already feel appreciated and loved.  Ty told me earlier, "Mom, I got you a present for mother's day because I love you so much."  I feel it Ty.  I definitely feel it.


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