Sunday, May 5, 2013

Toad Suck Daze

Well because we live in Arkansas of course.
What else would we be doing on the first weekend in May other than walking the streets of Conway while wearing frogs --I mean toads on our heads?
Also, because Hannah came to visit.  And she's a SUCKER for fairs or festivals.  She's actually the reason we went out in the 40 degree weather --in the rain.  I'd of called it off, but not her.  She drove five hours to come see us.  I'll walk around in the rain with my children till she no longer thinks it's an awesome idea.

Notice the train not twenty feet behind us?  It was moving.  Only in Arkansas would they plan an festival around a buzzing train line.  Whatever. It's cool.

The tall green fellow trying to strangle Hannah was not with our party.  He just jumped in for the photo.  Kind of creepy.  We didn't linger.

As you can see it stopped raining.  Austin poses next to the fish tank on wheels (again, only in Arkansas).  Oh and it's camo.

Jack chose the rock wall as his one ride.  I was so proud of his choice.  He climbed up it twice, but got stuck on this ledge.  He told me tonight as we were looking at this picture, that his bravery just comes and goes.  Never know which one it's going to be.  I nodded and told him I understood what he was saying.

What's a festival without a fire truck to climb on?

I was equally excited about Ty and Austin's much cheaper choice of attraction. Bumper boats! How fun is that? I want to get on eBay right now and buy me for of them. Only we don't have a lake. I'm hoping maybe Phillip and Leslie will get some? (hint hint?)

Look how eagerly Austin is stepping up to the boat.  I think the guy who was helping him (bless his heart for those cold feet and legs!) was afraid he was going to walk right in the pool.

This was Brady's ride.  woo woo!  It spun around, went backwards and forwards and even splashed a little water up every now and then.  He wins for cheapest attraction.

The boys wanted to participate in the toad races.  Hat's off to Conway for making this so much fun for the kids.  The festival provided toads to any kids who wanted to race.  Simply stand in line, put on your free awesome headgear, get your toad then wait till your heat to race. 

Jack meeting "Spurs" for the first time.  (It was recommended that you name your toad.)  I asked him if he named it after the basketball team in San Antonio.  He said, "No.  I named him after the spur on the rooster's foot."  Creative.  I guess that's what reading Hank the Cowdog will do to you. 

Ty named his "Speed Racer."  Fitting.

 See us on the front row?  We sat through 4 heats in order to see the big kids race.  Austin was pretty interested.  Brady was dying to walk in the puddles.  He was also overly tired from his missed nap.

Here we are again.  The moment we've all been waiting for.

If you can zoom in on this picture, do it.  It pretty much sums up the event:  The announcer guy stopping at every kid, getting the child's name and his toad's name;  Jack and Ty excited about the race; Austin chewing on the rope boundary; Brady throwing a fit in my arms; Me ignoring Brady while giving the other boys the "I'm proud of you" thumbs up; oh and Hannah documenting our lives.  (we love her) 

And they're off!

Jack's toad wasn't too excited about the race.  I think he'd had quite a few races already that day.  Jack was busted by this photo evidence of him throwing the toad down toward the finish line.

And is this not the most adorable picture you've ever seen?  They loved the event.  They loved the whole day.  This must be why Hannah insists we go to festivals in blizzard-like conditions.   


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