Saturday, May 25, 2013

One woman's trash is another man's treasure

Some friends of ours at church are soon leaving the states to be missionaries in Italy.  This weekend they planned a fund raising garage sale.  I went up into the attic and handed down some things I felt we had no use for any longer.  We donated them along with some odds and ends to the event.  This morning Mike, Joe and Chrissy got up early and ran up to church in an attempt to help set up the garage sale.

I stayed home and made breakfast tacos.

They return home a little while later.

He walks in with a new-to-him camping backpack.  He tells me what everything is used for as he shows me all the cool pockets and zippers.  Then he opens up the inside and tilts the backpack toward me so I can see inside.  Lying in the bottom was the hideous 12 inch Ninja turtle doll I had donated.

"Is this mine?"  Mike asks.


"And why was it up there?"

"You never play with it anymore."  I defend myself.

He didn't say any more, but instead turned and spoke to the boys: "Look what I found there.  Mom tried to get rid of it."

Ty: "Why?"  (in awe)

Mike:  "I don't know.  I'd check your stuff if I were you."

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