Saturday, December 6, 2008

What I like about you!

Susan Pride.

Do you know her? You should. She's awesome.

She's my aunt. Mom's younger sister.

Aunt Susan makes me beautiful. Any time I need it, I can call her up and say, "Aunt Susan, I need a haircut, can you do it?" Know what she'll say, and she'll say it every time. "Sure! When do you want to come?"

Now just saying something like this, anyone could do it. But Aunt Susan really means it (I think). She never acts too busy or put out that I (and all my sisters and some cousins) take advantage of her. The other part of this is that Aunt Susan is the best beautician ever. She does what you ask and then improves on it.

She always gives of herself. Know the verse about God loving a cheerful giver? I love a cheerful giver too. It makes you feel good.

Thank you Aunt Susan for always making me feel important and for allowing me to sit down and visit with you every couple of months. Thank you for serving me.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Aunt Susan! You are the best ever!

Kent said...

It could be said I'm biased but I agree she is the best. Yes, she loves doing hair and to tell her so is such a nice blessing to her.