Saturday, March 6, 2010

Now you're hungry

Claire recently learned about a donut store that is open 24 hours a day.

Krispy Kreme

Last weekend the boys and I spent the weekend in Austin visiting my sister's family.

Friday Claire asked if we could go out for donuts.

Why not?

We tell the kids we will get ONE donut (it's after 7:00 pm. There's no way we want them to have two donuts worth of sugar in their systems.) Into the minivans we go. We arrive at Krispy Kreme donuts and are greeted by the smell of hot oil and sugar. Mmm...

The college student behind the counter handed each of us a sample.

The children savor the hot fresh donut as they watch the assembly line of hundreds of donuts --all preparing for their journeys to the gas station. There they will get cold and soggy as they await the hungry on Saturday morning. It's such a sad thing. The perfect donut, 12 hours later becomes a waste of calories.

But not tonight. Tonight it was perfect. The children, now wearing a paper hat, happily dance around the restaurant each a little buzzed by the sugar. The kids receive a lesson in the creation of the donut, the adults the teachers. It was a fun 20 minutes.

Now what.

We've had our donut, watched the conveyor belt, and are wearing the hat.

Do we have to buy something?

Not that we didn't want to pay, entertainment like this deserves it's monetary reward, we just didn't want the under 40 pounders to consume any more sugar.

"I'm not giving my boys another one," I tell Emily and Tommy.

They look at each other as they deliberate the next move.

And do we want to buy Krispy Kremes that we won't eat until tomorrow? Nooooo... cause that's gross.

We look at the shelves of donuts. We look at the four guys standing behind the counter doing nothing. (The donuts make themselves, I don't know why they need so many employees.) We opt to buy a dozen "cake" donuts for tomorrow's breakfast.

They look like they will hold up fine.

They do.

There's nothing like waking up on a Saturday morning with donuts ready and coffee a mug and a push of a button away.

Seven people. An evening treat, an outing, a cool hat and breakfast, how much you ask?


With prices this low, why even have a job?


To God be the glory... said...

Where in Austin is this Krispy Kreme?

Anonymous said...

A LITTLE buzzed on sugar???

Haha! Those kids are so adorable...and looking a lot buzzed on sugar.


Lawson said...

Good point, Bec, I think I'll quit my job.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure Jack only had 1 donut??

Anonymous said...

I am jealous! It looks like y'all had fun:)

Katherine H.