Thursday, March 11, 2010

Things I never thought I'd hear myself say

"Jack, did you take Ty's ears off again?"

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becca said...

haha even though you have no idea who I am (and I really, don't have much of a clue who you are) I have to tell you...I thought I was going to my blog - - but accidentally left out the hyphen in the address, and happened upon your blog. Now, I don't usually read completely random peoples blogs about their life, but you have the same name as me, have little boys ( I have a 4 month old son, and am looking forward to when he will be older), and are a Christ-follower (as am I), so I had to read (well, okay, I technically only found that out AFTER I started reading, but still!). And I just had to say, I enjoyed it :)