Sunday, May 23, 2010


Austin Carter Ellis

Born May 21, 2010

8 lb. 6 oz.

20 inches

My first thought when I saw my third-born was:

"He's big?

A big baby?


How is a 2 week and 2 day EARLY child this big?


How early do I have to have a child in order to get one under 7 1/2 pounds?

Austin came out kicking and screaming --that's how you want to see a newborn baby. It means he is strong (and breathing). He was breathing very well, in fact, too well. His little chest was caving or sinking a little due to the deep breaths he was taking. The observant nurses saw it immediately and said he would need to be checked out to make sure he wasn't having too hard of a time getting air.

Mike and I got to briefly hold little (big) Austin and then they sent him over to NICU for observation.

There he has stayed.

The NICU doc has told us Austin has "Wet Lung Syndrome." Basically this means Austin has left over amniotic fluid in his lungs. He was getting 83% oxygen even with his extremely rapid breathing. The fluid will absorb and be gone. The problem was the rapid breathing would eventually wear Austin out and he'd just give up. His breaths per minute were up to 120 the Doc wants him at 40ish. --Big difference.

At first we were told not to touch him as to not stimulate him any more. They needed him to be calm. Austin is not naturally calm. I could have told you that. We spent 9 months together... we were close.

He was described as "feisty, active, loud, strong." They are keeping him sedated in order to keep him calm (thus controlling the breath rate better).

Now we wait. His lungs will get dry. He is being monitored very closely for any problems that might come up (jaundice, pneumonia, high/low blood sugar) stuff like that.

I'm very pleased with the care he is getting.

The nurses are super good and the doc is outstanding. God is good to provide Austin with not only the care he needs to survive right now, but with EXCELLENT care.

Austin will be fine, there shouldn't be any lasting effects. We are getting lots of help from family and our church family. We are praising God for this sweet boy that we have already fallen in love with and can't wait to bring home. I guess this quote of Mike's could sum up our feelings about having to be apart right now:

"I already miss that little guy."


To God be the glory... said...

Father God, I pray for sweet baby Austin. I pray that his lungs will clear very quickly that he will be able to take deep cleansing slow breaths. I pray the doctors and nurses will grow to love him and continue to give him the best of care. Thank You that Your hand is not short and that you are protecting him from any harm. Thank You for ministering to Becca and Mike and helping them to get some rest. I remember how hard it is to be separated from your new baby. I pray that when they are able to lie down that their sleep will be uninterrupted and sweet. I pray for Austin's brothers that they will be comforted and that their sweet prayers will be answered very quickly as well. Thank You for ministering to Becca in a special way as she prepares for Austin's home coming. In JESUS name. AMEN.

Anonymous said...

Dear Becca and Mike, We are praying for you both. The NICU is such a sweet and special place! God is amazing! I pray Austin comes home soon. If you need a place close to stay in between feedings, our house is always open:) We love you guys and can so understand what y'all are going through!

2 Corinthians 1:3-4
3Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, 4who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God.
Tammie and Jamey Moore

Cheryl S said...

Girl I feel your pain... talking about big babies... since my Tyler was 9 lbs. The same thing crossed my mind... how early would he have to be to be an 'average' baby. At least we know we grow healthy babies : ) I'll see what number two holds...