Friday, May 28, 2010

He's coming home!


Tomorrow evening was the earliest we've been told. I can't see any reason why they aren't able to release him in the morning. Everything seems perfect. I've got two minutes before I need to leave for the hospital to feed him, but I will go ahead and publish these photos. They are some of my favorite. Check back later if I have time (we'll see) I will edit this post to tell you a little more info. Got to go.

Austin's face without the tubes. He looks like our other boys, but just not sure how...

These two are my favorite nurses up at Abilene Regional NICU.

Thanks Susan and Gloria!!!

First time to open his eyes for me.

Austin stayed on the phototherapy lights for several days. Poor kid.

Psalm 18 is where God led me the morning after Austin was born. I loved these two verses (don't remember which two they were) and wanted to share them with my son.

Almost ready to come home. See how he isn't attached to one of the big "special" beds? This is just a bed like any ol' normal kid would sleep in.

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Anonymous said...

The first picture seems like he looks like LuLu/Your dad!
I'm so excited for you guys!
O and thanks for stealing Hannah again! ;)

-Rachel Evans