Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Pictures from Mike's return '10

This was the first "return from deployment" that we have been able to go out on the flight line and greet the guys as they literally step off the plane. What fun!

The wonderful people in our squadron provided snacks and drinks for us while we waited. Ty and Jack in the background sipping on their juice:

Waiting outside in the 92 degree temp. It got kind of warm after 20 minutes or so.

Jack secured himself a good view

The plane!

Jack, helping out the kid next to him

Ty couldn't get close enough. He was (as you will see in the following pictures) always in front.

Ty wanting to head right toward the plane. The rest of us are taking the sidewalk to his right (not pictured).

A distorted picture of Jack and Ty running to the planes.

Ty watching for his daddy from the shade under the wing

Mike is never one of the first ones off. In fact, he is usually one of the very last. Come on Dad!

Turns out, they told us wrong and we were waiting at the wrong plane for Mike to get off. No problem though, cause he still hadn't come off his plane. We made it over there in plenty of time.
Ty ran up to Mike. Jack followed right behind Ty.

Mike and his boys. All happy to see each other.

Ty talking to Mike. Ty asked him if he would take him up inside the plane. Mike did.

Ty just hugged and hugged his dad. It was really sweet. I wasn't sure how Ty would react to Mike getting back. I've been prepping him for the return, but you never know with two-year-olds how their little mind is processing things. He did great!

Jack's turn to be held.

After we got back we did almost all the things we had told the boys would happen when dad got home: ate a cheeseburger, climbed on the dome in the backyard, played soccer, went on a bike ride (not me of course), read books and wrestled.
Mike is running an errand right this second and when he gets back we are heading to the park before it gets too hot.
The kids are in hog heaven.
Oh, one more thing. Last night after getting home from the squadron, Mike went in and changed out of his flight suit. He put on an A&M t-shirt, his ball cap and flip flops. What did Jack and Ty do? Insist on wearing A&M shirts, looked around for ball caps (Ty couldn't find his) and put on flip flops.
This morning I wake up to Jack standing beside my bed holding a long-sleeve maroon shirt.
"Mommy, is this an Aggie shirt?" He asks.
I'm so blessed to have little guys who love their dad and who want to be just like him. I'm even more blessed to have a husband worth emulating.
Got to go, it's going to be a busy day!


Mandy said...

Dear Becca, please quit making me cry. I don't even have pregnancy hormones as an excuse. :)
So happy for you all.

To God be the glory... said...

Thanks for sharing! Belinda

Anonymous said...

Loved this post!!!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad Mike is back home safe! :) Love you all!

Cinda Boshart said...

Beautiful. Ya'll make me so proud. I love you!