Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas Gifts

A trash can, a vacuum, a disposal, an ash vacuum, automatic garage doors.

No, not a list of things you might need to buy when building your vacation home in the Rocky's.

No this is a list of the top gifts received by Boshart women in 08.



Emily got a new trash can to replace the one in her kitchen -the fancy kind that the lid pops up when you step on the pedal. Her first one broke about 5 years ago.

I got a brand new irobot roomba -a vacuum cleaner and I LOVE IT! Ever household should have one of these.

Mom got -for the first time, two disposals for Dad to install under the kitchen sink. It was about time, seeing as how they have been in that house for... 27 years.

Grandmother Boshart got an ash vacuum to clean out her fireplace. No more shoveling for her!

Mom also got the garage door openers. Yay. They used to have some on the house, but one broke 15 years ago and the other maybe 7 or 8 years ago.

This is how you KNOW you are middle class.

-The above 'necessities' are expensive enough to have to be given as a gift, but not so expensive that you never get one at all.

Just thought that was funny.

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beccaellis said...

Correction. Mom got 1 disposal. Not two.