Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What I like about you!

Judy Trapp

Judy, Judy, Judy... where do I start? I guess I'll go back to the beginning - my beginning.

Judy knew me before I knew Judy. She took care of me in the church nursery at Ridgecrest (Greenville). She loved on me just as she loved on all the other little babies that have come through that nursery for 30+ years. And that is a LOT of babies. She wiped our noses and our rears, snuck us snacks when our mothers were of the opinion that we shouldn't have sugar till we were in high school, and she taught us how to adjust to life away from mom. -I have recently learned what a really great thing that is for a baby to know. :-)

Ok, now fast forward to high school with me... Judy and her mom (Junie) paid for me and my siblings to go to Falls Creek (youth camp) every year. It was important to them that we to go to church camp. They wanted to give us an opportunity to learn about Christ in a camp setting. It made them happy to know that Mom and Dad wouldn't have to stretch the budget too much to get us there.

Between high school and now there have been many things that Judy has done for me. No telling what she has done for other people that I am unaware of.

It is really fun to get to take my boys to the same nursery I grew up in and to hand over my sons to the same woman who mom handed me to many years ago. Judy loves my boys. It is a blessing to me to see her eyes light up when she sees us coming.

Who does that?

Who genuinely gets excited to see a two-year-old?

A nine-month-old who is teething?

Judy does.

I know because I see it in her eyes.

She loves.

As Jesus loves.

"Feed my lambs" -she has.

Now, for the part I've been waiting for! Since Mike has started deploying, Judy -every time she sees me, gives me "Date money." Every time I'm in town she sends me home with cash to go out with my sweety on. She will slip some money into my hand and say, "This is for you to go on a date." I know better than to say no.

So I take it and go on a date.

Last time I was in, she wasn't expecting me. Judy didn't have any money on her.

She said:
"When is Mike deploying next?"
"In about a month," I say.
"Oh, then you two will need to go on a date. I don't have any money today, but I'll mail you some"

Sure enough.

Here's what I got in the mail.

It reads: "Have a great date! Love Judy

Just wanted everyone to know how great Judy is. Can I get any "Amens" from you RBC folks?


Cinda Boshart said...

You get an amen from me! Judy has been so faithful in serving the babies at our church and seeing them as little people who need to be loved. Along with this, of course, goes service to young moms and dads. Judy, if you are Junie read this, know that we appreciate all you've done so much. Thanks for loving us all!

Anonymous said...

I am not a RBC person and I don't know Judy an sweet, amazing women!

Kelly said...

She is awesome!! Love her dearly!! You can tell you are really special to her.