Monday, January 5, 2009

Stanley Thomas

Today Jack was downstairs saying "Stanley Thomas, Stanley Thomas..." and I couldn't figure out how he knew to put Stan's first and middle name together. I hadn't taught him everyone's middle name, so imagine my surprise when he said, not just Stan, but Stanley and then Thomas...

Well, as I get closer to the bottom of the stairs I see that he is playing with his "Thomas the tank engine trains." The two in his hands: Stanley and Thomas.



Stanley Thomas


Anonymous said...

Heehee.........that started my moring off with a smile, Becca! :)

Susan said...

i love your blog!!!!Trisha had a new entry today and it was great! thanks for encouraging her to write more!

Anonymous said...

haha. Next time i see him i will be sure to ask him what my middle name is. Stan