Friday, August 14, 2009

Another milestone

Jack had a little accident so I sent him upstairs to put on some more underware. He's a big kid now and has learned how to look for the tag, put it on the floor, turn his underware so that he puts it on right side up. I'm so glad he has learned how to do it himself. It's just one step closer to being a self-sufficient adult.

Today though. I send him up for underware and he came back down DRESSED.

Head to heal.


Check out what he picked out as his first ever Jack designed outfit.

I know...

You are thinking it is my fault for having such ridiculous looking close in his closet. But really, the shirt looks good with shorts and the pants are still too big for him, he'll grow into them eventually.

..He told me he liked his "flower shirt."

FYI the odd pose his him saying, "CHEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


Stan said...

Haha. Looks like me on hawaiian shirt fridays during the summer. I always feel weird going to jobsites in my hard hat and "flower shirts". - Stan

Anonymous said...

I think that he did awesome! I was expecting to scroll down and see the "flower shirt" with plaid shorts and socks or something. Way to go little man!