Monday, August 17, 2009

Help wanted, I mean needed

I don't understand why we have such a hard time getting workers for AWANA at church.

Awana is a Gospel centered children's program that lots of baptist churches use to reach and teach the younger generation.Mike and I have both worked with with awana and agree that it is highly affective.

When we looked for a church in Abilene we looked for one with this program because we think it is such a wonderful way to help children memorize scripture. At South Side we get children with no bible background and we get kids who know lots. Each child be benefits from learning about the bible (1 Tim. 4:8). This is why it baffles me so much that every year we wonder if we will get enough workers to pull it off.

Why aren't Christians beating down the door at this opportunity to serve? God commands us to serve. He instructs us over and over to teach the younger ones his laws and commands. (deut. 4,9). What other things are we finding is more important than this? Is work? Family time? Personal down time? Kids gymnastics? Bible study?
I think the enemy often tries to get believers to feel that any time they have an opportunity, that they should be learning more and more about the bible. --instead of teaching it to others. We feel like we don't know enough. But God has made it so simple for us:
He loves us.
We turned away.
He made a way back to himself (through his son Jesus).
We need to follow him with our whole life.
Tell others.

If you know that, then you are ready to get to work telling others.
Satan would rather us spend our whole life becoming an expert than to know little and tell what we know. Why does (on average) half the church not serve --or serve once a month in the nursery???
Has no one ever told them that that just won't cut it? People!!!

You have GOT to be serving.

If you just drop the kids off in the nursery then attend the worship service then leave for the week, you have not benefited the body. Are you just visiting? Have you been "just visiting" for six months? Plug in. When you are attending a local church and are not serving you are hurting the body. Any time you aren't serving, that means someone else is being overworked.

Or, even worse, programs like AWANA aren't being staffed.

There was word earlier this year that it looked like we didn't have enough help for the younger kids. As a result there would be no AWANA for the little ones, only childcare for workers kids.


Why do we refuse to obey God's commands? What are we considering more important?

We need to step up. Your little one isn't going to die if they don't go to bed on time on Wed. nights. Mine kids got off their sleep schedule last year and they lived.

Yours will too.

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Jenkins Jollity said...

Good post Becca! We should be thankful to be able to serve, there are some who would love to but are not physically able!