Saturday, August 22, 2009

Line 'em Up

I can remember Dad telling us that he was just going to line us all up and spank us. Please don't think bad thoughts of Dad. Really, it's a good idea. Lining us up would help make sure everyone got their deserved spanking and that no one got spanked twice. Good plan Dad. Mom and Dad have 8 children. I can't imagine having that many kids that are whiny and unhappy enough to need to be "lined up" and spanked.

Here's our line up.

Ty automatically says "cheese" any time a camera comes out. Even if the circumstances don't warrant smiling.

Jack doing a little better.

"Now you two be nice to each other and no more unkindness."


the nelsons said...

we definitely "lined up" too! and that first one is too a sad way!

Anonymous said...

Hahaahaa.....I have been there before!
Those are such classic pictures! :)
Sarah h.

Anonymous said...

What a face!