Monday, August 10, 2009

Ya might as well read the phone book.

My blog has gotten so lame.

I haven't gotten on here very much lately because I just don't have anything important or funny to say.

What? There has got to be important and funny stuff going on around me that I could report.

I think my creative brain is switched off. But since Mike has been home I have had more sleep and shouldn't a rested mind be more creative???

Maybe not.

Martha Stewart, Jay Leno, and Thomas Edison all say that less than 5 hours of sleep is plenty and really... who is more creative than Martha Stewart? Funnier than Jay Leno? And Thomas Edison, remember him? He invented the light bulb so that he could stay up later and work on his other inventions.

So maybe I work better on 6 hours of sleep. Or, maybe it was the two hours of down time I got after the kids went to bed --time when I could be alone w/o TV and just relax.

Not sure what it was, but I definitely need to figure this thing out so I can be funny on here again....

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