Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Jack had to come hang out with me tonight at church because he had a little misunderstanding with a nursery worker.

Ok. What really happened? He bit her.

I told him he could not go to Cubbies until he learned to act right.

So. We packed up his bag and he came and sat on the floor, in the corner of our room where I was teaching... he sat there for about an hour. He did pretty good. Stayed in one spot and was quiet.

I told him AFTER church we would go apologize to his teacher (the one he bit). I wanted to give him some time to think about it.

He was pretty somber for the rest of the evening until we got in the car. Then he started talking to me. He said:

"Mommy, if you say 'stop biting the people, I will stop biting them.'
If you say, 'Stop biting the cars, I will stop biting.'
If you say, 'Stop biting Ty, I won't bite him anymore.'
If you say, 'Stop biting the teamwork, I will stop biting it.'
If you say, 'Stop biting the airplanes, I will stop!'
Is that cool Mommy?"

-every word is true.

I told him that I preferred if he would just not bite anything but his food --period.

Teamwork? Where did he get that?

On a serious note, it is really cool to see the change of heart he has. He's really a very sweet boy. Sometimes he just loses it.

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Katie Scott said...

I needed a good laugh. Thanks Becca!