Tuesday, September 8, 2009

"Yard of the Month"

This is us, home sweet home, for now.

Maybe I can do something to spruce up the yard.

Problem is, these houses are either about to be torn down or about to be remodeled. I vote for torn down. Either way the flower bed will be toast, so no point working on them now.

I couldn't help but notice the sign in the front yard of this house down the street. No, not the one in the window that reads "Future Tenant parking." The one shaped like a green thumb, stuck in the front yard.

How about a close up?

Wow... what a yard...welcome to Arkansas!

I REALLY want to steal that sign. But I won't. Maybe I will ask someone if I can have it.


Anonymous said...

thanks for posting pics! it looks like it is a homey home. enjoy!

Lawson said...

hahaha! Becca, I think you can compete for that sign if you spend, oh, 4 minutes on your new yard.