Thursday, September 10, 2009

Eyes up front

Change is something I don't do very well. You know, stuff like packing up and moving.



No. Not really. Not really at all.

I'd probably say that this is one of the areas I most need God to work on me and change my heart -that sort of change is OK with me.

Funny that I'm a military wife and just the thought of moving makes my neck tighten and my jaw clench. I've literally had a tight back for a couple of days after Mike and I talk seriously about where we would like his next duty station to be.

It is probably because of my resistance that God has me moving all the time.

I hate to do it, and I hate to talk about doing it. But I love God and where he leads I will follow. Mike's in charge of seeking God and finding out where he would have us move.

"I don't wanna to talk 'bout it."

I watched Jack follow Mike across the street today.

It was a CLEAR picture of how I follow God. Seriously. I think God had me bring up the rear in our parade across the street just so I could see this.

We had just stepped off of the trolley and Mike tells us to cross the street in front of the car.

First comes Mike, the wise, strong, loving Daddy. He was holding on to Ty --carrying him across the street. Another picture of how God will make a way for us to get through situations that we are not yet mature enough to handle on our own.

Jack was about two steps behind Mike. I was about two steps behind Jack. Jack steps off the curb and is looking to the left. -I don't think he has much idea what is in FRONT of him. But I saw everything: a manhole with the cover protruding from the street a little, the trolley tracks, the little round bumpy reflector things stuck on the road so you can drive at night and see where your lane is. Then there is the curb on the far side.

There are all these obstacles that could trip Jack up if he doesn't see them. But Jack wasn't focused on these. He was looking out for cars. We've trained him of the dangers of the street and how he needs to be VERY careful every time he goes into the street.

We are also working on training him something else. When his Daddy or Mommy give him a command, he is to obey --without question.

We work on this when he is crossing the street (especially on bike rides). If we say "GO" then he doesn't need to stop and look both ways for 15 seconds.

He can go.

It is safe.

His parents who know more than him and who love him have already checked out the way, and it is safe.

So Jack is acrossing the street, looking at the trolley car and looking out for other cars that could potentially hurt him. He knows to get out of the street as quick as he can, so he runs. As I watch Jack I tell him:

"Look at your Daddy, watch your daddy, Jack follow your Daddy."

I'm trying to get his focus off of the things that harm him and onto the one who will protect him.

Wow. It hit me almost instantly.

No, not the trolley.

The realization that Jack's actions while crossing the street are the same ones I display when change comes up.

I cross (follow), but as I cross, I make sure I am watching out for the dangers. I have my face turned to the left. I don't want to get blindsided. I don't have my eyes on my Daddy. I will listen to his voice and when he says cross, I will cross. But I don't do it with the faith of one who looks ONLY to their daddy.

When I choose to look only to my Dad, I will be able to see the things that could have potentially tripped me up (manhole, reflectors, tracks). I should be able to avoid them.

When my eyes are focused on my Dad, I don't see all the things that the world says I should be worried or "concerned" about --and they definitely don't have my attention.

I want Jack to follow Mike without any reservation. If Mike says, "Come," I want Jack to come, quickly, happily, without fear.

That must be what God wants of me.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, Becca, I needed to hear that.
Sarah H.