Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Trolley

Little Rock had a trolley that runs from North Little Rock, across the river, around the river area and over to the Clinton Library. It's a pretty cool deal. The kids were free and for a dollar (each way) adults could ride. How fun does this look?

The river crossing was the main attraction for the big guys.

Don't you love how Mike is sitting in the next one? How cute is that? It's like he is eight. He doesn't know I took this picture. It will be a surprise to him when he reads the blog... surprise Mike!

We stopped at the River Market and had a snack. I have some EXCELLENT coffee. The boys ate cupcakes (with sprinkles) and Mike and I split a cookie.

See these bright eyes? Yes. The cupcakes were glorious.

Jack looks like he needs a booster.

This is the River Market. If you ever come to Arkansas, this is the place you need to stop at. They have little stands with all kinds of ethnic foods. Aunt Nancy and Uncle Robert and a few of my cousins came here last time we were here. Hutchins, notice how they have new tables and chairs? It looks much more contemporary and clean in here now.


Anonymous said...

It does look a bit better, it was kinda empty when we went.

And there is nothing wrong with being 8:)


Mark Hutchins said...

Haha! The picture of Mike looking like an 8 year old cracks me up. ;-)

Jay said...

Fun field trip, looks like.