Tuesday, September 8, 2009

We are now in Arkansas.

Little Rock AFB is located about 20 minutes away from LR in the town of Jacksonville. It's....


The housing is somewhat different than I had remembered. Now that I am here and seeing it, I know it is very similar to the house we were in two years ago.

I walked into the house, worn out from a much longer drive than I had remembered, and wanted collapse on the couch. Labor day lived up to it's name. The boys were ok on the trip. It could have been way worse had we had a screaming newborn with us -- which is what we had the last time we made this drive regularly. Not sure what was up. Could be... And here's something we might could all benefit from thinking about... that I was just so grateful to have a place to stay last time. Now, I have a wonderful home in Abilene, already set up, full of the things I use everyday. Maybe I am not fully appreciating what has been provided us.

Thankfulness. It's not overrated. I am going to utilize it more.

Last night I was sitting on the couch watching the boys play with a toy that Uncle Grant let us borrow (thanks!). Jack pushed Ty away when he started messing with the toy town that he had just built. Then jack lied about it. The last thing I wanted to do was deal with little boys needing to be disciplined. But, a lie is a big deal. It can't be ignored. I called Mike in and explained the situation to him and asked him to deal with it. He's such a good husband! He took care of it. He took Jack to the other room and disciplined him. Five or so minutes later Jack came out to find me. He his little eyes were red and swollen. It was obvious that he had been crying. I'm sure it was his sin that had broken his heart....

He came up to me. I knelt down to his level. I love it when Mike will take the kids out and discipline them because they come back to me refreshed and with innocent hearts --as they had just paid the price for their disobedience. I get to hug them and encourage them to be kind to each other.

It's so nice to have a fresh start isn't it?

So Jack came over and said: "Mommy, I am so sorry I lied to you." I got to hug him and tell him I forgive him. Next thing, those sweet little blue (and red) eyes looked up into mine and he said. "Mommy, can I go tell Ty, 'I'm sorry'?"

"Of course you may," was my reply. Jack walked over to his little brother, lowered his head so as to look him in the face.

Jack said: "Ty, I'm sorry YOU wrecked my town."

What do ya do?

Ty, realizing it was yet another "apologizing session" told Jack sorry. He does this every time, no matter who is in trouble. He's just trying to cover his bases I think. He doesn't understand everything we tell him yet, but he does understand tone of voice. He knew something was up and just in case his head was on the chopping block (no, not literally), he was going to apologize.

Life with boys.

Maybe one day I will figure out how to guide, train and communicate with little guys. But by then, they will all be out of the house.

I'm so thankful for God's grace that covers all of my shortcomings will pick up where I fail my children and my husband.

God is good.


Jenkins Jollity said...

I'm glad ya'll made it safe! Hope it goes well and don't forget to remind J & T who I am. HA. We miss ya'll already but 6 weeks might go by fast...I hope.

Anonymous said...

I see your new blog. The house looks like the homes for students for Wyoming students. Functional but nothing fancy. He Jackson when did you get to be a hunk?
Kisses to all of you.

Gran and Gramps P.