Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ty's first: bloody nose, bloody tears, black eye

Ty, you had a rough week. Here is the story in pictures of what you went through:

Scene 1:

Playing on the bed in my room. You throw your head down on my stomach and laugh (it's soft and mushy). You continue to do this till you land on my hip bone (not soft and mushy).

See photos of bloody nose:

Jack feeling bad about Ty's hurt nose...

Scene 2: Two days later.

You get mad that I won't give you one of the "three little piggies." You start to cry. You get over it. I look over a minute later and you have BLOOD running out of your eye. Looked like bloody tears. I called my doctor friend and she took a look at you. She said you were ok. Left over blood from bloody nose.

**Pictures were taken AFTER I ran him to the hospital. Most of the blood is gone, but you can see where the "tear" ran down his cheek. **

Scene #3:

What is left of Ty's black eye. Also a result of bumping into my hip.
Poor guy. You'll be alright.

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Jay said...

Poor Ty! What a hard week.