Sunday, January 13, 2013

Getting some feedback

So I teach the four-year-olds on Sunday mornings.  It's great.  No you can't have my job.  I like those little boogers.  They are young enough to not care if you don't teach perfectly, yet old enough to not need a diaper change.

I taught today using some awesome props  --transformers.  Ten of them to be exact.  They represented the ten lepers that Jesus healed.  These toys easily lose legs and arms when played with, so I thought it would be fitting to use them as lepers. The story is that only one came back (in our case it was megatron) to say thank you to Jesus.  I thought the lesson was great.  The lepers were "transformed" right before our eyes after Jesus (played by a wise man left over from the Christmas story) told them to go show themselves to the priest. 

All of the 20 (yes 20) kids were paying attention at one point or another.  Afterward one boy came up and told me about all the transformers he has at his home.  Little while later a girl walked up with her stuffed animal and told me, "Look I have a leper too."  I looked down to see her pet leopard.  I thought it was fitting for the lesson today.  I did not correct her.

After lunch I asked Ty how the lesson was.  I'm expecting rave reviews. 

So I ask him:

Me: "Ty, did you like Sunday School today? Did I do good with the lesson?"

Ty: "You did great mom!" he said, with much inflection in his voice.

(just what I thought.)

Me: "Oh thanks.  I'm glad it was good.  What part did you like the best?"

Ty:  "I didn't like any of it."

Me: "What?!"

Ty: "Yeah, it was good, but I didn't like any of it."

Me: "Why?"

Ty: "It's cause I don't like lessons."

Well... at least the girl with the leopard got it.

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