Sunday, January 27, 2013

Ty quotes

I've got this nagging feeling that I've neglected to record all my funny Ty quotes.  So here we go.  These are some I've had written down in random places.  I think I might have used some of them before. (sorry)  Hopefully all of these won't be "ya had to be there"s.

 While driving along the road Ty asked me to open his window.  He stuck his hand out and exclaimed: " Mom!  I'm giving the wind a high five. Gotcha!"


Mike has instituted a few "Ellis Family Rules" at the recommendation of our Sunday School teacher in Abilene.  There are a few things Ellises do.  Why?  I dont' really know.  I guess cause we say so.  One of them is:  "Ellises keep their heads up."  Why?  I guess so we don't trip.  Or miss a shooting star or maybe as a symbol of persistence, --not quitting.

We've had to quote this rule to Ty many a time.  He tends to get sad about something we say and hang his head.  As soon as he does it I say: "Ty, Ellises keep their heads up."  He'll quickly lift his head, but too his best to keep his eyes on the ground.   One day we were driving in the van, something was said that Ty didn't like so he did his best to hang his head in his five-point harness.  I see him from the rear view mirror.  "Ty, is your head hanging?" 
This time Ty keeps his head down but lifts his eyes.  "I'm not hanging my head"  he responds. 
"What are you doing?" I ask.
 "I'm just looking." 
"Looking at what?"
"My knees."


Ty had Brady around the waist and was relocating him, against his will, backward to the other side of the rug. I intervene:
"Don't pull on him, you are going to pull him in half like a worm."
Ty thinks for a moment, I guess contemplating the results of such action. Then replies: "And destroy him in two?" 


I ask Ty: "Do you have to go potty?"  I already know the answer due to some non verbals he was giving me.


Wrong.  "Yes you do.  You were holding your bottom."

Without missing a beat he explains his actions: "It's because I was trying to trick you."

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