Thursday, January 24, 2013

What did I miss?

I didn't attend Kindergarten.
I never thought much about it until 4th grade when I came across a poster at the teacher's store that said: "All I really need to know I learned in Kindergarten." 
I panicked.  What have my parents done to me!  You know what they say, "If it's not one thing, it's your mother."  Way to go Mom...
I feel like I've been playing catch up my whole life.
Now I have a kindergartner in my house.  I've watched him closely and so far as I can tell, I've picked up most of what I need to know along the way.  Just to be sure though, I am writing down anything noteworthy that Jack tells me of the happenings at school.
I have a note page of notes I'm putting together.  I'll share a few of the most recent with you.   
Notes on Kindergarten 
  • There's no singing in the bathroom at school
  • One boy was ostracized after the class Christmas party at which the kids watched Polar Express.  Boy claimed he couldn't hear the bell.
  • Martin Luffin' King Jr. looks like a president.  Not sure what he was, a president I guess.
  • Jake's mom works at school. She gave Jake a kiss after recess.  There was much debate among the kids as to whether on not that was against school policy.  Jack's stance was that it's ok to kiss family.
  • Boy told him a secret yesterday it was: "Pshsshpshshshsh"  Jack laughed, seems it's still a hilarious joke.
Some art and literature:
Not bad...
Ok, this wasn't a school assignment, but it is a writing sample.  This is a Christmas card I bought to send to Wyatt and Harper.  The front had a picture of Santa on it.  I did not coach Jack, I simply told him to sign it.  He wrote:
"Good job being on the nice list. from Jack.  Jack Ellis Merry Christmas to my best friend."
If Jack were president he would let other people in other countries vote.  Democracy!  Oh, and he voted for Obama in the class election.  He thought it made sense since he was already the president. 
This was something he made for Gigi. She likes using nature in her art.  He picked up some leaves and glued them to make the wings on his soowpr mario.
What he would have rather had on Thanksgiving: pizza mac and cheese, mashed potatoes with gravy, popcorn...
This is just a little ditty he wrote while traveling back from a visit to his homeland.  Everybody join in at the chorus "dadaDADADADADADADADADADAD, myyyyy faaaavorite staaaaate!" 
A picture of some "fun cosans" complete with their DOBs.  I'm pretty sure Brooks, Ben and Brady are going to have to prove themselves before they get a caricature.
"What are your qualifications for working in the elf bakery?"  Looks like we should go over some things before sending him to a job interview....
Ha!  Like that will ever happen....
Here he was given the words "grubs, cubs, rub, tub, run, fun, gun and sun" and told to use them in sentences.
Water park?  Fo' sho'
You coming?

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