Monday, January 21, 2013

You can't win 'em all

It was Sunday again.  We had 13 kiddos in our class this morning.  Wow.  It was nuts.  That was just my class, not 4A and 4B.  Just mine!  We did some creative stuff, and I talked to them during snack time about the ins and outs of Jesus' dinner at the Pharisee's house.  We talked about how important those guys thought they were and how mortified they must have been when that dirty woman walked in.  It is a good story, but I was trying to be super careful to keep it on a four-year-old level.  It was hard.  I tended to talk lots about the details of the story and less about this woman's occupation and why the Pharisees were so put off by her.  Overall, I think we did fine.  I had a good teaching partner who helped me keep things moving along.

Later in the day, I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth and fixing my hair in an attempt to make it to a meeting at church.  Ty walks into the bathroom and upon seeing the toothbrush in my mouth decides the mic is his.  He starts talking about something, I'm not really sure, I couldn't hear him.  My toothbrush is electric and my hearing is bad.  I finish brushing and turn off the toothbrush about the time his little ADD mind switched to a new topic. This is what I hear:

"This morning at church when it was boring I was talking to Hudson.  We wished we were at my house doing the zipline.  We were wishing we were there when it was so boring when you were talking to us.  But he says he’s afraid of heights.  So he doesn’t want to do it. (short pause)  It was so boring today at Sunday school.  (another pause) boring, boring, boring." 


Mike says next year we are signing up to be Jack's teachers... or Austin's... or maybe even Brady's.

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