Wednesday, November 12, 2008


"Mommy sing Aggie song"
No more Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, no more Jesus Loves Me, no more Uncle Donald (Old MacDonald). Now Jack wants to hear me sing the "Aggie song" (Aggie War Hymn) before bed.
So I start with Hullabaloo Kaneck Kaneck, Goodbye to Texas University... and Jack starts grinning. He is in love with this song. He heard it at the game last weekend and can't get enough.
It seems odd how Texas A&M alumni always have kids that are big-time Aggie fans. Other schools don't seem to have the same loyalty from the next generation as Aggies do. Sometimes it can go too far and look like a religion. So for all of you who are thinking this is what Mike and I did: take the weekend to brainwash our two-year-old. We didn't. We didn't take him around the campus and point out all the big new buildings and tell him about the prestigious science departments or about the reputation of the college. We didn't take him to tour the dorms or to yell practice. We simple gave him a freebird and a ticket to the game. -Yes, Jack had to have a ticket to enter the game.

That was all it took.

Mmmmm. So good.
Ty didn't come to the game he stayed with Grandma Sandra. Amanda Holley and her roommate Laura were gracious enough to let us have their entire livingroom for the weekend. And thanks to the Feldman's for the air pump! What a fun trip. I wish we had had about 3 more days to soak it in. Looks like there is some good shopping in Bryan and College Station now. Wow. Can't wait to go back and retire down there. We had a wonderful time visiting all our old friends at Living Hope. I was so glad when they recognized us. I was afraid that most of them had forgotten us. I got lots of hugs was blessed by the service. I love that church!


Mandy said...

My Jack loves that song too! And he's never even been to a game. He always says "let's sway, Mommy."

beccaellis said...

that's awesome.