Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Well, I voted for McCain. I am disapointed that he lost.

I am a very black and white person. It's either good or it's not. An activity is either dangerous or it's beneficial. Either you discipline your children or you don't. When you play a game, you either use the rules provided or you throw 'em all out the window.

This can sometimes be a good attribute but can other times be a stumbling block. In the case of our president-elect my reaction will either be:

FEAR -for my husband's job future (new commander in chief), for our country's security, for healthcare for my extended family and maybe even my imediate family and on and on. (Not that McCain had all the answers.)


Indifference -I can just say "whatever" and go on with life, not think about it again. Every time the thought enters my mind I will just say "God's got this" and quickly change my thoughts.

I don't think fear or indifference are right ways to react to a new leader. Instead I should let the thoughts enter my mind and every time they do I need to be begging our God to heal our country, to not give us over to our depraved thoughts and our godless behavior.

I need to examine my own actions to see what they say about what I believe. Do I make little of disobedience to God? Do I react in love when I see someone sinning? Do I judge then go on with my day feeling good about myself? I have learned recently that when you raise children, every interaction with them teaches something. If I ignore a disobedient behavior, I am telling them that disobedience is sometimes ok. If I let them throw fits, I am teaching them that self-control is not necessary. I think the same is true whether we are raising children or not. We are training ourselves every time we let sin in our lives go uncorrected. We should always be on guard to sin. Don't let it breed in your life.

So. I will watch my conduct. I will pray for our leaders. I will love.

Or at least I will try.

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J Julian said...

i voted mccain too. bummer.