Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Dirt pile

Jack is always wanting to play in my potted plants. What is it with boys and dirt? I'm all about building forts and sand castles but I don't see the draw of the dirt in the pots. I have aranged 5 plants in various sized pots next to my front door. See picture below. Yesterday morning was no different from many other mornings. I let Jack go outside and play by himself. Yes, he is two. No, I wasn't keeping a close eye on him. More of a semi-close eye. I may hear about this from Mom and Grandma later...

Well, I went out to check on him and he had dug up some of my flowers. I scolded him and made him come inside since he had done something he knew wasn't allowed.

Then I thought of a quote my friend Candace had told me, it was from the book Bringing up Boys by Dobson. The quote was: "If you allow your boys to get bored, you deserve what you get." I don't know if he backs this up with scripture or not, but it did seem like it could make since that boys need to be entertained. So I tried to think of a way to let him get his "dirt fix." Being city-folk like we are, and living on the base, we can' t just go dig a hole in the backyard. There aren't many spots that have dirt that don't also have front-end-loaders and men with hard hats working.

But here is something we do have! Self Help. We have this little building that gives us free house matanence stuff (mulch, solar-powered lights for your driveway, lightbulbs, rat traps, and DIRT). I get Jack's attention and tell him, "Jack let's go to the store and get you some dirt!" Huh. He is going to grow up thinking you get dirt at a store, not off the ground. I am shaking my head and rolling my eyes right now... but hey, what am I gunna do?

We went to the store and got 10 bags of top soil. Below are the pictures I took of Jack playing in "Jack's dirt"

Notice Ty isn't getting to play. It's because he eats the dirt.
Jack will also grow up thinking that dirt comes in bags like flour does.
Mom told me today that Judy reads my blog, "HI JUDY!!!!" and that she takes it home to June, her mom. "Hi June!!!"
I hope I'm not getting too boring. I haven't had much else good to write about. Oh well, there was the 14 hour period when both of my boys ate poop. But I've already got a poop story on here so I don't want to gross all of you out again. Yeah, now Jack talks about eating poop every time he goes to the bathroom. It will go something like this:
"Jack, are you all done going pee-pee?"
"Not all done, Mommy, not eat poo-poo huh Mommy?"
"No Jack, we do not eat the poo-poo, that is gross."
"Eat the pee-pee Mommy?"
"Sure Jack, go ahead, knock yourself out."
(Just kidding. I tell him not to eat the pee-pee)
But besides that, it's not that interesting around here. Oh, we did go to College Station last weekend. I'll write about that later.

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