Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween on base

Jack is trying to make the same face as our Jack'O'Lantern. He is holding onto his "Gigi Pop's house pumpkin" which he loves (Thanks Gigi)! Jack dressed up like Mr. Conductor from Thomas the Tank Engine. At first he was aprehensive about the outfit, but then he decided he'd try it.

I left a jar of babyfood down low and Jack picked up the spoon and started feeding Ty! What? Why hadn't I thought of this sooner? He got Ty a little messy, but hey, it was his first time. I think Ty got fed half the jar. Awesome.
This is when a swarm of kids came by to get candy. Mike took care of 'em. I was cleaning up from our neighborhood party. Which was a success. I think 7-8 couples stopped by. It was a very short party though cause the kids started coming at 6:00!

This is where Jack stayed when the scary costumed kids came by. He's his mother's child... I actually hid inside during most of this. I had Ty take the picture.

When I finally came back outside. Mike told me that Jack had seen Bob the Builder! I asked Jack about it and he looked up at me bright eyed and said he had indeed seen Bob. He then pointed down the street where Bob was walking. I asked if he wanted to go see him again. He said yes and started sprinting across the neighbor's lawn. I had to walk fast to keep up. We found Bob (aka Benjamin) and asked if we could get a picture with him. He (and his parents) agreed. Jack was in awe.
Other characters Jack saw were: Panny Mandy (Handy Manny) a clown and Superman.


the nelsons said...

hey becca! just found your blog! the boys are looking so cute! (and big!)

Dan, Ashleigh, and Baby said...

Ok, Dan cannot see your pumpkin! The only thing he wanted to do was make a pumpkin throwing up, but we didn't have a place to put one. We live upstairs so we only have a balcony. I finally convinced him that our pumpkin simply CANNOT throw up on the people below us.

Lawson said...

This is good stuff. The pic of Jackson imitating the jack-o-lantern is awesome.