Friday, February 4, 2011

Faithful to me.


You are all so sweet.

I want you to know that although our status was accurate, we are doing spectacularly well.

I did not intend for my last post to sound whiny, but humorous.

And everyone who reads this blog knows that disaster = humor.

So please. Don't cry for me.

Sarah, I am not saying that I wouldn't love for you to come sit for me. I am not saying that at all. I wasn't implying it and am in no way refusing your offer.

Not at all.

But seriously, we are so blessed by our loving and generous heavenly Father.

He is meeting all of our needs.
He is sustaining our emotional need (as we miss Mike).
He is meeting our physical needs --through many of you.
He is meeting our spiritual needs.
He is all we need.

And He is faithful.

I'm so grateful for the way I get to see
God's provision in our lives through the way YOU love our family:

Shellye and John having us over for dinner.
Lindsay offering to get groceries for us.
Chris and Sarah checking on us via the phone.
Jack S. shoveling our driveway.
Ashten calling, offering anything weneed.
Grandma calling to make sure we were keeping warm.
People offering lattes :-)
People offering espresso machines!!!!
Belinda praying for us.
Amanda calling me out/encouraging me.
Anissa inviting us in to her home.
Lacey and Matt having us over for dinner.
Bridget and Lacey coming over for tea and a game.
Stan and about 15 other people informing us that our email had been hacked.
Pretty much all my family calling to check on us/visit.
Sweet words from so many of you.
Kerry begging us to not drive on the ice.
Mike on skype --pretty much all the time. (It is easier to get ahold of him now than it was when he was in the country.)

And there is more...

God is so good. I am so thankful.

And just so ya'll know, the pipes have thawed, the laundry is put away and the rash is almost gone!


To God be the glory... said...

I am guessing no one went to school this week, so no calls from school either. Maybe this week is an answer to our prayers. At least it is one week less than what you were preparing yourself for. :) Prayerfully, you did not have to deal with stuff at home.

Anonymous said...

Becca, you are an amazing women. Love ya!
Sarah H.