Friday, February 11, 2011

Who's makin' sausage?

The boys have had the flu this week --not a joke.

I've been making a thankful list. That is something my friend Amanda has always encouraged me to do. And she's right. It's helping keep my mind on thankfulness. And that is always best.
Here are a few things that made the list:

  • a humidifier
  • a good doctor
  • nursing pads that don't fall apart in the washing machine
  • Mike's now scuba certified
  • friends who brought us lots of yummy looking food
  • online shopping
  • a neighbor with tons of movies
  • coffee
  • good health coverage
Thanks to the military's amazing health insurance we were able to get Tamiflu for the sick boys (Austin and Ty).

That stuff is amazing. They were practically well for the whole week we were quarantined in the house. Wonderful for Ty and Austin, not that awesome for me. I still had to keep the kids in the house, entertained, and resting while there bodies fought off a sickness it was hardly aware it had.

Cool stuff.

Mom told me she never bought it for us when were little. I was amazed they even made it way, way, way back then. She told me it was too expensive even with insurance. Maybe I believe her, or maybe she just enjoyed the peace and quiet when her eight kids were sick in bed.... hmm... just kidding Mom! I think the real reason you didn't get it for us was because of the gas and diarrhea it brought on.

It was real.

It was intense.

We were out driving around last night, just to get out of the house, and while we were in the car, someone let one loose.

The preceding conversation went as follows:

Me: "Do ya'll smell that?"

Ty: "Yeah."

This sounds like a dumb question, but I haven't taught them a word for that bad smell. I just think it's funny hearing what they say when it happens. So I always ask...

Me: "What do you think that smell is?"

Jack: "Smells like someone's makin' sausage!"

Now that's one way to put it.

Ty: "Yeah! Who's makin' sausage!?!"

That may be what we call it from now on. What do you say Mike?

I mean, if you picture it (but don't)... kinda makes sense.

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