Monday, February 7, 2011

They always hurt

Yesterday something unusual happened.

Ty whacked Jack in the head with a toy.

Usually it is the other way around. Jack is my rough and tumble needs-to-be-taught-gentleness kid. Ty is the punching bag.

I am constantly getting on to Jack about the way he man-handles his brothers. I tell him how I will not let him hurt his brothers. It is absolutely not O.K. I am continuously explaining to Jack how we need to take care of the precious gifts God has given him (gifts being the brothers).

Today, however, the guys were playing on the floor when Ty hurled a toy that smacked Jack on the forehead. I was close enough that I could be on the scene immediately. I jumped in, told Ty to "duck and cover" then distracted Jack, before the "THIS IS WAR" look on his face translated into a bloody nose for Ty.

Whew! Just in time.

Internally, I celebrated Jack's small victory in self-control.

I turned my attention toward Ty, leaving Jack to rub his head. Ty received the speech usually reserved for Jack. I told him how hitting someone on the head with a toy hurt. I told him how Jack is important and we need to be careful how we treat each other. I told Ty that Jack was one of God's gifts to him and we need to be thankful and treat the gift with special care.

I went on and on. I wanted Jack to hear me speak of his value. So often it has to be about the other boys.

Jack's heart softened.

Ty's response to all this was, "It was just a joke," -spoken in the cutest little boy voice ever. I don't doubt that it was. There isn't a mean bone in that boys body. A lazy one, yes, but a mean one, no.

I told Ty to kiss Jack on the head and tell him he was so, so sorry. Ty did and play resumed.

They began casually talking and as is typical of firstborns, Jack picked back up where I'd left off and started again explaining to Ty that throwing a toy at his head was a bad idea.

He ended his speech with this:

"Ty, two things always hurt people: hitting with toys, and sin."

Who knew he'd been paying attention all these months?


Lawson said...

that's awesome.

It's the second one that usually gets me.

beccaellis said...

True Lawson, but don't underestimate "hitting people with toys." It's bad news if you forget that one.

grace said...

amazing becca.

you really are an excellent mom.