Sunday, February 13, 2011


The boys around here were looking more like girls so I felt it was time for a haircut.

I had been holding off on Ty's haircut because we were waiting for them to study the letter "M" at school. Usually they bring something for show and tell that starts with the letter for the week. Ty was going to arrive with a mullet. Unfortunately (or fortunately) we were sick for "M" week.

No more delay, the hair had to go.

Ty was going to get a trim, but couldn't sit still. The haircut I had planned was not going to work. I pulled out the clippers and gave Ty his summer cut three months early. I think the short hair looks cute on Ty so I'm ok with the buzz.

I took him to the bathroom when his hair cut was finished and he took one look at himself and then collapsed to the floor and started wailing.


Finally, when he could talk he told me he did not like his hair he wanted it back on.

He wanted long hair.

I assured him that he was still handsome.

I named off all his male heroes who had short hair: Daddy, Dustin, Jared, Steven, Hunter...

It didn't help.

I got him into the tub, couldn't make the kid happy. The water was too cold, the water was to hot, then it was too cold and too hot.

He calmed down to a pitiful blubber and then told me.

"Mommy, I don't want to be handsome..."

I don't enjoy it when my boys are sad, but I'll be honest. That was really cute. I thought he was done with his statement but then he added:

" my Daddy."

How sweet is that? Aww... I was smiling in my heart, praising God that in the midst of all my labor, that often goes unnoticed by my children, I get to witness such preciousness that no one else gets to see.

But then he continued....

"I want to be like you."

Hold on a second, Mister. What's THAT supposed to mean?


Anonymous said...

He needs to work on how he words things like that....
Sarah H

To God be the glory... said...

His mommy is adorable, strong, beautiful,etc. Thinking about you at lunch time, but thinking it is proabbly time to get the boys down for naps now. I'll get you called soon. Belinda

Anonymous said...

He wants to be like you.
Take the compliment and run with it!

He is too cute!