Sunday, February 27, 2011

Yeah, but...

As I put everything on the table for lunch today, Jack was jabbering away. Saying made-up silly words. Not a problem till a word we don't allow came out of his mouth. He said the word, "Stupid."

This was not the first time it came out. I had reminded him a couple times already that I didn't want him to use that word. So... I pulled a Jay Boshart and told him to go to the bathroom for a mouth washout.

Yuck. I remember those. Dad always went to the sink with the worst tasting soap. (Can I get an amen Boshart kids?)

Me, I'm lazy, I went to the closest sink.

We walk into the bathroom and Jack looks up at me with an expression I would describe as "cautious and thoughtful."

"Mom," he says.

"Yes Jack," I answer.

"Was saying 'stupid' a sin?"

"It was a sin because I told you not to say it and you disobeyed me. Disobeying your parents is a sin."

He looked up at me, possibly thinking he had found a loophole, or maybe just trying to understand sin better. His reply:

"Well, Then Jesus already paid for it."

Nice try Jack.


Rebecca said...

David said he would have earned a one time "pass" because he would have to have agreed!

Mrs. Katie Fulton said...

I loved this. I laughed out loud, and then shared with my parents and Zach. He is a pretty smart cookie!