Monday, February 9, 2009

Big things happening

Today both of the boys had a "first".

Ty -while walking, fell down (normal) but then, in the middle of the room, pushed himself back up to a standing position and continued to walk!

Jack -Spelled his name and spelled Ty's name too. "J-A-C-K, that says Jack! That says ME [points to himself]" "T-Y that says Ty, that says you [points to Ty] !"

I might also have a first if this pot of black-eyed-peas turns out to be edible.


I have failed again at the Black-eyed-peas. They are sitting there in the pot, just looking at me with their one eye. They seem to be saying "You can't cook me!"

After 10 hours in the crock pot on low they are still hard -not quite hard as rocks, but hard. Dang it.

We all went on a walk and debated what we were going to do for supper. Jack wanted to wear his helmet. I tried not to be offended.

Apparently Mamie wanted to come too. Ty kept trying to push her off. He gave up at this point.


Anonymous said...

TYLER SCOTT ELLIS is sooo adorable! I miss ya'll! Have a good rest of the dayy!

Love ya'll all!

grace said...


ha HA!